Private Caregivers Collective

We’ve gone far enough! It’s time to return to our roots.

The need for organic, accessible, medicating cannabis is higher now more than ever – and so are prices. We offer everyone with an easy and accessible way to learn how to provide for themselves.

PCC has partnered with multiple resources in order to provide the best personalized, independent cultivation plans for our members. We source high grade seeds, complete grow kits, and offer confidential one-on-one consultations with qualified professionals. We’re here to help you master your at-home cannabis journey. Our goal is to foster a cannabis community that values fact based knowledge, and is passionate about cannabis reform.

Our team is here to provide knowledge, advice, and promote restorative justice in efforts to help heal our world together.

Grow Kits

We provide grow kits and individual pieces of grow equipment.

With each purchase we gift every customer a free consultation.


We provide a wide variety of quality genetics.

Consultation Services

One-on-one cannabis consultations.