Our Founder

My name is Joseph Ortiz. I’m a 32-year-old former firefighter and EMT, and I am the founder of Private Caregivers Collective. My journey towards and my interest in healing came while I was enrolled in First Responder Training and was a full-time Criminal Justice student.

One night while on duty as a Firefighter, I was hit by a drunk driver doing 55MPH while I was on foot as a pedestrian. I have since had 29 orthopedic surgeries and am still currently undergoing treatment.

I was beginning to heal, but I was also determined to push myself to complete all my training and the many goals I originally had planned to achieve. I quickly realized that I, as well as many other people at my stage of recovery, were struggling with both debilitating physical injuries and chronic pain. While trying to access the necessary help to heal and acquire some level of pain relief; I, as I’m sure others, were put on a variety of addictive pain killers that would in all reality do more damage in the long run than help a person heal. This is where my interest in alternative medicine began.

I’ve been a Medical Cannabis Patient since 2009 in California and became a Medical Cannabis Patient in the State of New York in 2015; soon thereafter in early 2019, I was certified by the Cannabis Training Institute as a Patient Care Specialist.  

My inspiration for creating Private Caregivers Collective came from knowing that the attitudes, misconceptions, and false messaging surrounding the use of cannabis came from a lack of knowledge combined with the distorted “reefer madness” horror stories still surrounding its use; I created this company with the intention of bringing awareness to the tremendous benefits of medical cannabis that I and others are experiencing every day.

Now more than ever, we see the need for accessible, qualified health alternatives for everyone – and a part of this requires moving towards abolishing the social stigma that surrounds medical cannabis and alternative medicine. We’re here to help provide people with the knowledge and guidance they need to discover how they can take the next step in discovering the prospective therapeutic power of cannabis. 

In a time when taking control of our personal health is at the forefront of all our minds, we at PCC believe it’s crucial to work together to provide honest, and comprehensive plans with guidance specific to an individual’s particular needs from seed to harvest. Welcome to Private Caregivers Collective!

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