Super Skunk – Feminized Autoflower

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This Cultivar is a cross of two Indica Landrace strains, producing an 80/20 Indica leaning ratio.

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Super Skunk Feminized Autoflower is a cultivar cross between Afghan#1 & Skunk #1, two amazing landrace strains! This strain is an award winning, Cannabis Cup winning strain; this strain is easy to grow indoors and out and tends to produce thick, and intensely resinous cola’s both indoors and outdoors.

Super Skunk’s scent will be that of an intoxicating aroma, that isn’t too overpowering but lives up to this cultivars name. It’s dense thick cola’s will start to plump up & present towards the middle of it’s flowering period. Super Skunk has a ridiculously fast veg/flowering period, going from seed to harvest in just 45-55 days. When cultivating this strain outdoors it will tend to produce a large/heavy yield full of thick cola’s covered in resin, with plenty of rich trichomes covering the entire plant; from the cola’s, leaves, to the stalk/branches even.

This cultivar can grow just about anywhere due to it’s intensely strong genetics, even in hot climates this cultivar tends to grow without much hassle or TLC; this strain just needs good lighting, and good nutrients to yield some of the best quality flower possible.

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