Amnesia – Feminized Autoflower

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Sativa Dominant Hybrid – During the growth and the flowering period, the leaves of this plant look like they’re covered in frosting. The leaves are typically dark green with narrow long fingers are usually furry from the plants heavy trichome production. The internodes (or inner part of the cola’s) of this strain tend to fatten and plump right up.

As a result, large resinous buds grow in the plant. This cultivar has strong characteristics inherited from  Sativa-dominant genetics. These features include the plant tending to want to stretch tall, while also stretching  out gloriously long buds, along with the Sativa “trademarked” thin large leaves. Amnesia Feminized Autoflower is sought after by many for her energetic euphoric and headdy effects, along with a moderate sized yield.

Amnesia Feminized Autoflower

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