Moby Dick – Feminized Autoflower

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Sativa Dominant Hybrid – Autoflowering Moby Dick is not for beginners or the weak-hearted. This little kicker is far more potent than most autos – with just a small puff, even experienced users will feel the head high within minutes, and it’ll get more intense as the minutes pass by. A strain with a hefty Sativa potency that will blissfully stun users with a strong cerebral buzz. This strain’s effects have an overflowing supply of vigor, great ideas, and a jovial mood, there’s no time to worry or feel downbeat. The strong desire to chat and socialize is sure to keep you occupied. The profound mental stimulation will dwindle after an hour or so, but the uplifted mood and creative energy will remain for a few hours. Once the psychological effects begin to fade, the Indica influence will make its presence felt, providing a deep physical calm that does not normally hinder non-laborious tasks. Although it doesn’t usually lead to couch-lock, some may feel lazy. If it affects your productivity, it’s best to reserve it for non-work days.

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