Candy Cane – Feminized Autoflower

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Candy Cane – Feminized Autoflower – Indica Dominant Hybrid – Seed

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Candy Cane is a strain cross of 3 distinctly different strains, resulting in an indica dominant cross of White Widow, AK47, & Mango. The Seed to Harvest time for this strain is 8-9 weeks, making it very attractive to those who are looking to harvest soon after planting!

Candy Cane has received it’s name for obvious reasons, it has an incredibly sweet scent. It’s scent and flavor can both be an intoxicating fruity taste with a matching smell. Candy Cane’s effects are mainly a state of euphoria, along with a decent bit of body effect that is reported to last for hours. This Strain can be enjoyed when just relaxing & lying around, or after a hard day’s work; it makes a great enjoyable, smooth, & sweet tasting smoke. ¬†Like many fruity flavored strains, this strain is quite the treat to smoke, as the taste tends to match it’s effects; delightfully fruity bliss.

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