Peacemaker – Feminized Autoflower

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Sativa  Dominant Hybrid – “Peacemaker” Peacemaker seeds are a versatile strain, perfect for both indoor and outdoor growing. Peacemaker marijuana is mostly Sativa and this shows in her growth pattern as she forms into an elegant plant with good lateral branching. Peacemaker plants will grow quite tall if left to her own devices outdoors. Indoors, with a bit of pruning and topping, it is fairly simple to rein her in and keep the size more manageable.

She will tolerate most growing conditions and thrive in soil. With her productive side branches, Peacemaker is an ideal candidate for super cropping and SOG techniques. The taste and aroma associated with the Peacemaker strain are fresh and fruity with a tropical hint. The hit is pure Sativa; cerebral and functional. Peacemaker weed is a good choice for active stoners and Sativa lovers everywhere.

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