Crystal Meth – Feminized Autoflower

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This autoflowering hybrid is crossbreed between Trainwreck, a Hawaiian Landrace Sativa, Ruderalis, & Skunk. Though this cultivars name might normally indicate something other than a Cannabis Strain, this cultivar is one that is really a true pleasure to cultivate!

This heavy Sativa-dominant autoflower will go from seed to harvest in just 8-9 weeks, due to her part-Ruderalis genetics. Crystal Meth grows to a relatively short stature, usually just above or below 3 feet; this cultivar can be pushed to grow up to 4 feet tall when it’s being sungrown outdoors.

As this cultivar matures, her light green colored leaves will change their color to faded shades of red and purple, making her visually appealing and setting her apart from many traditionally green cannabis leaves.

This cultivar can sometimes be finikey, and thus the PH level of the water should be monitored carefully and kept between the range of 5.7-6.1. When grown properly this strain typically produces heavy yields, upwards of +200g.

Crystal Meth Feminized Autoflower Cultivation/Harvest Photo Crystal Meth Feminized Autoflower Cultivation/Harvest Photo


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