MK-Ultra – Feminized Autoflower

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MK-Ultra Feminized Autoflower is a cross with Rudialias and Bubblegum. This Indica dominant hybrid present with distinct sticky compact cola development, the TAC (Total Active Cannabinoid) profile is pretty well balanced in both CBD & THC percentages; rolling in at around 2:1 (THC:CBD). This make MK-Ultra an ideal choice for those seeking the medicinal benefits of this cultivar, whilst not compromising on the typical sought after recreational effects.

This strain is perfect for anyone cultivating in a limited space, due to this cultivars short stature & how it grows naturally compact. MK-Ultra has a seed to harvest time of 9-10 weeks, and despite her small stature, this cultivar can deliver a large harvest with indoor yields reaching upwards of +200g. She isn’t a heavy feeder so don’t go heavy with nutrients, to help prevent nutrient-burn!


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