Fastberry – Feminized Autoflower

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Fastberry is an autoflowering hybrid strain which is an Indica-dominant cross between a Canadian Ruderalis, & Blueberry. This cultivar truly is one of most aesthetically pleasing Blueberry Hybrid crosses.

Fastberry tends to produce a quite vivid purple and blue color, with a sweet berry taste; accompanied by it’s intentionally bred to have a high potency.

Fastberry tends to have a short and stocky stature, this cultivar is good for both cultivating indoors and outdoors due to the tight node development. This cultivar goes seed to harvest in just 9 weeks, Fastberry delivers a yield you can be proud of.

Fastberry’s ability to be cultivated in most environments, makes her a great choice for beginners due to her lack of care requirements. As it goes with any strain that presents with vivid colors, having lower night temperatures will only help promote the proper color being properly presented in the flower and leaves itself.


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